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Aashadhi Ekadashi 2016 Date & Schedule News, information

Aashadhi  Ekadashi 2016 Schedule Date  information

 Aashadhi  Ekadashi  in 2016 scheduled on 15 th July 2016 that Pandharpur is ready to manage Aashadhi ekadashi  20116.Number of people are working to successful manage this Aashadhi  Ekadashi. Also Vitthla Rukamini  Temple is ready for that .Aashadhi Ekadashi have great importance Hindu Culture .This Aashadhi ekadashi are counting since from last 700 years and still going on .for this Aashadhi ekadashi number of palkhi left their home town  towards to Pandharpur


 Sant Tukaram maharaj palkhi schedule 2016

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 Gajanan maharaj Palkhi.

Aashadhi Ekadashi 2016 Schedule Date information

Aashadhi Ekadashi 2016 Schedule Date information

Already we have given all schedules about each palkhi so please read our previous  pots.

For Aashadhi ekadashi number of shops is ready to fulfill devotee’s demand and requirements. During this Aashadhi ekadashi  near about 5-10 lakhs devotee estimate to attend this  ekadashi 2016. for this Wari number of small palkhi are participated in this big event and they left there  hometown to Pandharpur.

This Aashadhi ekadashi not only celebrated in Pandharpur but also it celebrate in whole India and number of devotees come from India and out of India. In this great religious journey people from all age category and different profession are participated specially when palkhi in Pune at time number of IT [Information technology] professionals participated with great enthusiast and active participation to this great Aashadhi Wari. This is near about 15 to 16 days holy journey  for that we learn number of skills such sharing, love ,unity, humanity during this travels .for attending this great Aashadhi ekadashi 2016 number of devotee come without caring their family’s and their daily routine  for taking Darshan of lord vitthala and mother you will get additional information about Aashadhi Ekadashi 2016

for this great  Aashadhi Wari our Cm of Maharashtra state will available for mahapuja OF Lord vitthala. Please stay  connected with us for such upcoming news related to Wari 2016.share this articale with your friends if you like this

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