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Pandharpur Now Became No Flex Zone

Nowadays each and every city facing a serious problem of digital flex posters, banners.these banners hang out at any corner of the city due to this posters there may be the possibility of cover some important nameplates and boards placed for informative purpose.for preventing such problems governments declare no flex zone in it helps to reduce digital crowd in the city and improving the beauty of city.pandharpur Municipal pandharpur

The municipal corporation has decided to No flex zones in some important places in pandharpur.this political, social, personal posters reducing the beauty of the great holy city and creates some complex avoiding such problems municipal co-operation has to take this decision.for implementing this no flex zone municipal corporation has requested to all printing press to not printing such posters or banners.
if someone breaks this rule then they have to face serious punishment according to Mumbai high court rule.shivaji chouk,bhadule chouk,vitthal rukmini temple area,chandrabhaga river these are the no flex zones in pandharpur.hope deu to this great decision we will keep out hometown neat&clean.

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